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Quillathlon fundraiser needs your support!

Posted: 11th September, 2019 Quillathlon fundraiser needs your support!

Everyone at Quill (along with their family and friends) is putting their best foot forward to help us achieve our charity goal. This goal is to travel 7,940 miles in 15 days and raise £3,970 for Cancer Research UK.

But whilst our employees are busy running, cycling, walking, swimming and rowing their hearts out to clock the mileage, we can only reach our target with your support.

If you can spare a few pounds, please visit our secure donations page at to pledge monies and keep an eye on our social media profiles to monitor progress tracked via the hashtag #quillathlon.

We've kicked things off this weekend with the Muddy Race for Life (pictured) and have a staff rota for each of our office's exercise bikes. We even have a leaderboard tracking mileage to date and showing those all-important rankings of best-performing Quill-ers. There are individual and team prizes up for grabs including a day's holiday and lots of bottles of fizz.

Thank you in advance for your support for this very worthy cause.

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