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Document management software supports competitive strategies

Your autumn Readit contains everything you need to know about document management software (DMS) and how it can help you to work more efficiently and stand up to your competitors.  There's a full list of benefits of DMS including time and cost savings, flexible working and business continuity.  Silversmiths LLP is featured as our latest DMS reference site.  You’ll find user tips on setting up Word templates for common documents and advance notice of the new features in the next DMS release.

From April 2014, in line with Microsoft withdrawing support for Windows XP, we will not be able to support users running Windows XP for document management or Internet Explorer version 8.

For legal aid firms, we're delighted to advise that we're extending our software functionality to allow clients to use the Legal Aid Agency’s new client and cost management system for uploading time records on certificated work.

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The integration question

Your summer edition of Readit covers the important topic of integration, looking at how integrated working is far superior than using standalone software for many reasons… efficiency, accuracy, risk management and business intelligence to name a few.

This season’s stories look at our latest integration successes with Redbrick Solutions and Compliance Manager.  Also, our new client reference site, Hedges Law, discusses the whys and wherefores of running our software on a hosted basis.

We outline our new management team structure with Julian Bryan at the helm, and there’s our regular user tips article which explains how to set up reports templates to help with your analysis and planning tasks.

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Time is money

This edition is dedicated to the subject of profitability as we answer the whys and hows of increasing your profit costs.  The solution is straightforward… outsourcing your back office functions to re-focus on legal service delivery and business management.

Featured articles include our client reference sites revealing Pinpoint Interactive as the source of their increased profits, with partner firms Moneypenny and the Lawyers Defence Group reinforcing the benefits of an outsourcing strategy.

If you haven’t yet heard our other exciting news, read about our recently appointed Managing Director, Julian Bryan.  And there’s more besides.  We have a new user tips feature and lots of other engaging stories.

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Award victory for Quill Pinpoint!

The lead story in autumn celebrates our unprecedented second consecutive win in the biennial ILFM Solicitors’ Software Users Awards. Other featured stories from us and our partners provide constructive suggestions on how to cope with the pressures of cash flow forecasting, annual audit time, and forthcoming legislative reform in the areas of both payroll and pension.

You can hear from Street Legal contributors The Law Department and Bendall Roberts, and partnership companies Jennings Costs Consultants and Wealthcare Limited. Registration is open for our free-to-attend newly-organised document management workshops, so get in touch today.

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Steering a course through turbulent waters

The summer edition of Readit is packed with essential survival tips for responding to legal marketplace changes, coping with the ensuing aggressive competitive activity and remaining compliant with SRA regulations including new compliance officer responsibilities.

Street Legal is here again and key articles introduce cloud-based working, announce the latest version of document management, and deliver news items from partners the SOLICITORS group and Lawclient Ltd.  You can even bag yourself a crate of wine in our new refer a practice scheme.

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We've got a spring in our step!

In a more concise, easily digestible format, our spring 2012 edition delivers a round-up of all the latest news and views. You can stroll across Street Legal where our latest reference sites talk openly about our products and services, pick up useful tips from our working partners on hot topics and generally find out what we've been up to along with what else is planned.

Social media marketing, professional indemnity insurance and SRA compliance make a seasonal appearance.

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