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Questions and answers on popular software and service-related topics:

Q. What are the technical specifications?

A. When using cloud-based services like Quill's Interactive software, broadband performance is critical and you should provision the best possible business grade service you can buy in your area. We recommend at least 80mbps download and 20mbps upload speeds.

But if you're a larger organisation with 25+ users frequently accessing many large documents and emails, a leased line with service speeds of at least 100mbs up and down should be considered to avoid performance problems.

Business grade service level agreements (SLAs) rather than domestic are absolutely vital to ensure any problems are resolved within hours and not days.

For the best user experience we recommend Windows 10, Google Chrome and Microsoft's most recent version of Office for Windows. More on system requirements here.

Q. Is anything installed locally at my practice?

A. Our Interactive legal accounting and case management software is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). However, if you use document management, integration with Outlook and Word is required.

Q. Where is my data stored and is it secure?

A. Your important client data is stored securely within our data centre. Full encryption and password-protected access keeps your valuable client matter files safe.

Q. Can I access my accounts and client data remotely or out of hours?

A. Yes. You can access your system and case data from any location as long as you have a broadband connection with internet connectivity from your PC or laptop. There's a convenient link to your systems from the client login web page.

Q. How does the Pinpoint outsourced legal cashiering bureau process my accounts?

A. Your remotely-accessed Interactive software is your direct link to your designated Pinpoint cashier. Simply input all of your day-to-day accounts activity onto the Interactive e-chits screens for immediate access by your cashier. We will then check, post and process the transactions on your behalf.

Q. How quickly are my accounts updated?

A. We endeavour to process all transactions posted the same working day. However, transactions submitted after 3.30pm will be processed before midday on the following working day.

Q. Will my Pinpoint cashier manage my monthly bank reconciliations?

A. All we require is a weekly bank statement from you, available electronically by most banking software packages. For the most efficient service we recommend you use electronic business banking and provide us with 'read only' access to your bank statements online. Our cashiers will reconcile your bank accounts on a weekly or even a daily basis and provide a detailed report at the end of each month.

Q. What financial reports are provided as part of the Pinpoint package?

A. You will receive key monthly reports detailing items such as cash book, bills booked, ledger balances, bank reconciliations and also management reports such as profit & loss, balance sheet and aged debt, and a comprehensive range of standard reports. These reports are stored on your Interactive system for unlimited future access.

Q. Will practice staff require much training?

A. No. The Interactive system is easy to use so doesn’t demand much training to become familiar with its features. However, as part of the initial set-up process, you will receive basic user training covering the core areas of the software.

Additional training can be provided at a reasonable fee.

Q. How long will it take my firm to get up and running?

A. From signing your contract, we recommend that you allow approximately four weeks to migrate from your incumbent system to Interactive. This time period allows us to set up and configure your database, enable software access and perform user training.

Q. Will I retain my existing client and matter information once I migrate to Interactive?

A. Yes. As part of the set-up process, we will provide assistance with transferring client and matter data into your Interactive database to ensure you retain all your valuable case-related information. For an additional fee we can undertake the electronic data conversion exercise on your behalf.

Q. How much does the monthly legal accounting service cost?

A. The price varies according to the number of users and actual transaction volumes. A tailored quotation can be provided upon request.

Q. Is there a specific time period for committing to use the service?

A. Yes, as specified in our standard contract.

Q. If I cancel my service contract, will I retain my client data?

A. Yes. Your data is your property and will be provided in an appropriate format for your retention.

Q. How will I pay for the Quill service and software?

A. We ask that you set up a direct debit with your bank to pay for your Pinpoint service or Interactive software. You will receive an invoice at the start of each month.

Q. What happens if I receive a Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) compliance visit?

A. As soon as you're informed of a compliance visit from a governing body, you should contact Quill for preparatory assistance with necessary reports and information. We will also be available should any queries be raised during the visit.

Q. Is there a support line for problems or queries?

A. Yes. We provide a full technical support and account management service. There are also a range of webcast videos within the support area of your Interactive software, demonstrating specific software features.

Q. How do I process my VAT returns?

A. Your Pinpoint cashier prepares VAT analysis reports for full assistance with your VAT return completion.

Q. Can practices with multiple offices still use Interactive?

A. Yes. Interactive is a web-based service offering users the flexibility to access the service from any location, allowing fee earners to work from remote offices or from home.

Q. Can I use Interactive as a full document management system?

A. Yes, by subscribing to our add-on document management module, meeting the specifications as detailed.

Q. What about business continuity and disaster recovery planning?

A. By becoming our client, you automatically inherit our business continuity and security plans. Our comprehensive plan is designed as a timely response to any disruptive or extended interruption of normal business operations and services. It provides a sound basis upon which to base emergency response, resumption, and recovery planning efforts to minimise the effect on your practice.

Q. What other services does Quill offer?

A. Quill offers a full payroll outsourcing service for complete handover of your payroll management function and outsourced typing service for extra back office administration support.