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Download our datasheets to find out more about the features and benefits available within our suite of products and services, all of which are provided complete with business continuity.

Interactive practice management software

Interactive is an award-winning, cloud-hosted system for your law firm to progress matters, manage documents, control finances, monitor performance and help ensure compliance. Our extensive legal industry heritage means your platform's build on 40+ years' experience.

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Document management software

Interactive Documents is an integral part of the Interactive Cloud software suite comprising online file storing and retrieval with unlimited storage space, powerful template management functionality, and deep integration with Word and Outlook.

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Pinpoint cashier outsourcing service

Outsourced legal accounts service for busy law firms.

By outsourcing to the legal cashiering and SRA Accounts Rules experts who are always in and never sick, save the hassle of employing your own cashier and have the time you need to develop your business.

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Type outsourced typing service

You dictate: Use a dedicated smartphone app or handheld dictation device.

We type: Receive your typed-up, accurate documents by speedy return.

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Police Station App

With our handy Police Station App, you can capture all necessary notes and time recording data when offline at the station, and later synchronise with Interactive to complete the validation and matter set up process when online at the office.

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Local authority software

Quill-Iken integration is the ideal solution for ABS-registered public sector legal service providers. You can create and progress new clients and matters in Iken, then send time records for billing and manage your accounts from Quill, all within a single system.

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